Telegram Verification

3 Exclusive Channels

Telegram nzDan Subscribers

Channel #1 is ‘nzDan subscribers’

Includes just a few exclusive videos but you will have lifetime access even if you only subscribed to me once.

To be accepted you must have completed Telegram Verification below.

Telegram Renewal Rewards

Channel #2 is ‘Renewal Rewards’

Holds videos of 25 different New Zealand girls!

My best selling videos.

Some of the girls can be seen in the post links below.

Loyal subscribers to are often added to my renewal rewards channel after at least 3 months.

Access is NOT included as part of your subscription – I add users at my discretion and access is not promised.

I reserve the right to refuse entry or remove users.

Please continue to complete Telegram Verification.

Telegram Verification

Step 1

Please set a unique and comprehensible username on BOTH Fansly and Telegram.

You need to go into the settings and set your USERNAME. It is different to your ‘display name’.

Usernames on Fansly and Telegram must be exactly the same so I can easily find you and confirm the connection.

Step 2

Send a screenshot of YOUR Fansly profile to my telegram

Once verified I will accept your join request to the ‘nzDan Subscribers’ channel.

Telegram Username Requirements

Get a proper username! No more than 8 characters!

Not a long string of numbers or random letters.

Use the same username on telegram and onlyfans / fansly.

Do not change your username once set.

This makes it easier for me to add you to channels and verify payments.

Common Verification Mistakes

1. forgetting to send a screenshot of YOUR Fansly profile.

2. Not setting a telegram username – I can not invite you without it.

3. shit usernames that read u1636362828 – it’s too random to remember you.

4. telegram and fansly usernames are not the same.


Set a username, make it unique

Don’t delete our conversation history

Don’t lose access to your telegram account

If I look through our conversation history and see that you’ve been buying from me for the last year for example then I’ll reward accordingly.

If you lose your account then you need to start over with payments.

Telegram Black Market

Be smart – skip fansly and go directly to my black market!

Best value for money!

My most exclusive channel.

Holds every video I have ever created – over 500 videos / clips!

This is my most notorious channel that guys have been trying to get into for a very long time.

This channel is not associated with my fansly accounts!

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Contact (this is my backup account only)