I have free and paid telegram channels where I post super exclusive videos.

Lets get you setup.

Step 1
Android users need to install telegram from the official website

It has less restrictions than the Google Play Store version.

Alternatively install the desktop application from

Step 2
If you still can not view my channels you need to visit and login.

Often you will receive a warning saying my channel is blocked due to spreading pornography.

It is NOT blocked – your account is just censored which needs to be disabled.

Navigate to Privacy and Security settings and tick disable sensitive content filtering.

Step 3
Join all the channel links listed in my Telegram Portal:

Telegram Exclusive Channels - The Black Market

My sample telegram channels are free to access.

But to view full videos you must follow the instructions you automatically receive upon joining

I have over 300 exclusive girls of all races on telegram.

Including asian, white, latinas, filipinas, indians, samoans, tongans, cook islanders, maori and european.

Many videos hosted here have been banned from all of my other platforms or are simply too high risk to upload there.

It is quite literally a black market, I didn’t just name it that to sound cool…

Complete the Content Request Form.

Do not wait for an email response – proceed to joining my Fansly.

LGBT Channel

I have dedicated telegram channels for LGBT subscribers with explicit, uncensored videos.

For access join

Telegram Privacy and Security Tips

When you install telegram it may alert your phone contacts (who also use telegram) that you are now reachable via the app.

Personally I don’t have any contacts in my phone so no apps can retrieve my contact list. See #2 below.

After installation – go into privacy settings.

1. Select Phone Number and set who can see your phone number to ‘NOBODY’

2. Set to allow only your contacts to be able to find you by your number on telegram.

3. Next setup a pass code so that anyone that gains access to your device can not view your telegram.

4. Set a cloud pass code as well.

5. edit your profile and create a username

Your username is how you will now be found via telegram – not your phone number.


Struggling with telegram channels or having another issue?