Forget WhatsApp – Telegram is where it’s at, believe me.

I have setup a network of both free and paid telegram channels and groups where I post content exclusive to telegram.

Telegram Portal:

iPhone users will need to log into via web browser and disable sensitive content filtering in the settings.

Follow the instructions in the next section to join.

Telegram on IOS
Telegram on Android

The Black Market: Hidden Telegram Channels

PornHub, Fansly, OnlyFans and Reddit all have very strict control of what can and can’t be uploaded.

My best videos were wrongly removed.

I have 2 giant hidden channels (and groups).

1. Mixed Race Content

2. Polynesian and Maori Content.

I dump my entire stash of videos here. Every video ever created. Including all Fansly content.

I host videos in the black market that have been banned from all of my other platforms, hence the name.

I also have a chat group where we have open discussions and share content.

I do not host any groups on Instagram, Snapchat, discord or anywhere else.

Only telegram.

Complete my Content Request Form.


$999 per year for full access to ALL of my channels – Mixed Race, Polynesian and Maori, Kiwi Fan Submission Videos.

That is $83 per month. All content unlocked. Uncensored.

Or $600 for 1 year access to a single channel e.g. only Polynesian and Maori.

You must pay for a full years access – I do not sell individual months. 

I am not willing to share black market content with those only prepared to pay for just a month.

Many guys who screen record content and re-upload it elsewhere are the kind who will just pay for a month.

My high buy in price is assuring to you that what you are buying is truly exclusive 🙂

Please note that there will be a maximum of 10 additional videos that I may charge extra for. 

Simply for those that are willing to spend extra to help support with my mission.

You do not need to buy the 10 ‘super exclusive’ videos – your subscription will give you access to hundreds of girls already.

Bank Transfers

ASB Bank Account: 12-3125-0581092-00

SWIFT Code for International Buyers: ASBBNZ2A

Name and address is not important.

Enter Dan as my name and 12 Jellicoe Street in Auckland as address. Area code 1010.

Use your telegram username as the reference. Nothing else.

Send a screenshot to my telegram username xrawco

Your reference must match your telegram username.

On telegram, give me your email address – if my telegram was to be deleted I will email you access to a cloud storage server with all content.

Telegram Privacy and Security Tips

When you install telegram it may alert your phone contacts (who also use telegram) that you are now reachable via the app.

Personally I don’t have any contacts in my phone so no apps can retrieve my contact list.

After installing and registering for telegram – go into privacy settings, select Phone Number and set who can see your phone number to ‘NOBODY’. 

Set to allow only your contacts to be able to find you by your number on telegram.

Next setup a pass code so that anyone that gains access to your device can not view your telegram.

Set a cloud pass code as well.

Do not forget to edit your Telegram profile and create a username. 

Your username is how you will now be found via telegram – not via a phone number.

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