Get to know me

Since leaving high school in 2007 I studied to become a personal trainer (PT) while competing in boxing. 

After graduating with an exercise science degree in 2011 I freelanced and contracted to a commercial gym. I started in the community and quickly moved onto training Auckland City CBD professionals – in the weights room as well as teaching corporate boxers. 

Entering 2019 I saw an opportunity to add a massage service to grow my skills and supplement my income. Thanks to the high pay and flexible work hours massage has allowed me to work less and instead focus my time on furthering my education, training and self development.

From 2020 when Covid hit I setup online.


boxing fighter model

2009 to 2010

Boxing Fight Competition Hook
Boxing Fight Competition
Boxing Competition Winner
Boxer in the Ring
Boxing Punch
Boxing Nationals
Boxing National Winners
2010 Ringside Boxing Coaching
2010 Ringside Boxing Coaching 2

2011 to 2012

University Graduation Photo

Completed a Diploma in Fitness Training and Bachelor of Sport and Recreation from Auckland University of Technology.

55kg Weighted Pullup Exercise

I spent 400 hours with a CrossFit gym as part of a work experience placement for my degree.


Weightlifting Deadlift Gym Exercise

I was working on my personal training business this year and learning more about weightlifting.

2014 to 2015

I was very focused on personal training. Snap shots below are from YouTube tutorial videos I produced for clients. 

I also competed in kick boxing.

dumbbell row exercise
core abdominal leg raises
seated row gym exercise
dumbbell bench press
barbell bench press
Split Squat Gym Exercises
the barbell deadlift weightlifting exercise
squat exercise for fitness

Personal Training

personal training client
Group Fitness Class

2016, 2017

I studied Web Development and Graphic Design so that I can build myself websites whenever I want.

Today I have several websites, this massage one being one of them 🙂

Outside of study I trained to fight.

auckland boxing fighter
boxing trainer in auckland new zealand
Professional Boxing Fight in Bangkok


I created and ran a corporate boxing program where I trained two teams to fight each other… Red Team vs Blue Team.

boxing new zealand fighters team
Boxing Fighters Center Ring
corporate boxing fight night
Chris Punch
pro boxing fight
ladies boxing fight


I started offering a massage service the first week into the year and quickly found myself in high demand. So I built this website in February and began studying massage the same month. 

By December I completed a Diploma in Relaxation Massage, a 36 week full-time course of study.

I do enjoy giving massages and am always looking to learn more about the human body in the health and fitness area.

Due to study I was not competing in boxing or kick boxing but did start learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instead, completing over 100 classes and competed at white belt in the nationals (won 2 rolls, lost 1).

massage and health and fitness qualifications
sensual massage masseur in a g string
massage therapist ass


In 2020 I bought a brand new 2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter van I use as a studio on wheels for my adult content.

Having a studio that can be parked up while I am overseas was the most logical investment. 

I could cruise around New Zealand and be anywhere, anytime which was perfect for this spontaneous business.

The van is fully insulated with the best RV ventilation and heating systems installed. 

It has plenty of space with enough head room for me to stand comfortably without touching the roof.

The windows are tinted with the back ones having maximum tints and thermal curtains.

2020 Mercedes Sprinter by Lake Tekapo 2
mobile sensual massage van in auckland new zealand


Photos taken January and February, 2023 while in Asia.

nzdan the sensual massage masseur
nzdan the massage masseur