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A relaxation massage service based in Central Auckland (Mt Eden) for both men and women.

My name is Dan and I have a background in personal training and coaching boxing, now I focus on massage 🙂

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Formal Qualifications
– Diploma in Fitness Training (AUT, 2008)
– Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (AUT, 2011) 
– Certificate in Graphic Design (Animation College, 2015)
– Diploma in Web Development (Yoobee School of Design, 2016)
– Certificate in Relaxation Massage (2019)

Sport and Exercise Background
– Boxing: 53 fights worth of experience, since 2005
– Kick Boxing: 14 fights
– Weightlifting (non-competitive)

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professional kick boxer
squat exercise for fitness
professional boxing fight


I massage using a Swedish style that wont disappoint.

You have two options – a normal relaxation massage or one with a sensual touch added to it.

Sensual Massage

It is like a normal relaxation massage but with more freedom and some sensual strokes blended in. Unlike ‘normal’ massage there are less restrictions with sensual massage – we do not have to worry about draping (covering with towels) and i’m able to work the inner thigh and butt muscle group easier.

Imagine a massage where the therapist can run his hands from your shoulders all the way down over your butt and to your ankles without stopping.

I put a lot of effort and energy into each and every massage and like to make sure all clients leave satisfied.

I wear a G string in this massage and you may be nude. You are welcome to touch me too, lightly.

My place of service is in a brand new apartment building that you will feel safe and comfortable in 🙂

I live alone – no one will know you are there for a sensual massage.

sensual massage masseur in a g string
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30 Minutes


A sensual massage focusing on just the major muscle groups or areas of your choice.

45 Minutes


Experience a sensual full body, quality 45 minutes of hands on massage.

Please understand that this is a massage, not a fuck!

I do not have sex with men.

You are allowed to lightly touch my body.

You must be clean and showered before arriving.

Failing to follow the rules will have you kicked out without a refund.  

Non-Sensual Massage

I do of course offer ‘normal’ relaxation massage too, and cheaper than my sensual massage!

I will be clothed and touching me is not allowed. Clients are also kept covered.

30 Minutes


45 Minutes


Sensual Massage Clinic in Auckland New Zealand

Contact / Bookings


022 3422 594 (I use Whatsapp too)

I will be leaving New Zealand in December, 2019.

Please briefly introduce yourself and give me a list of hours that you can do and can not do.

AUS & NZ numbers only please, email me instead of calling or texting from international numbers.

No blocked numbers! 

Discretion and confidentiality is guaranteed.