xMassage New Zealand and Australia

A relaxation massage service for both men and women.

My name is Dan and I am a health and fitness professional.

I am based in Auckland where I offer a mobile massage service in a renovated 2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter van.

Prior to Covid-19 I rotated between Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland for massage work.

Formal Qualifications
– Diploma in Fitness Training (AUT, 2008)
– Bachelor of Sport and Recreation (AUT, 2011) 
– Certificate in Graphic Design (Animation College, 2015)
– Diploma in Web Development (Yoobee, 2016)
– Diploma in Relaxation Massage (2019)

Sport and Exercise Background
– Boxing: 53 fights worth of experience, since 2005
– Kick Boxing: 14 fights
– CrossFit and Weightlifting (non-competitive)
– Currently learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Current Location


Social Media

R18 Videos

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My Sport and Exercise Background

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auckland boxing fighter

The Mobile Massage Van

I have a brand new 2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter van used for my mobile massage service.

It is the only massage van in New Zealand.

The van is fully insulated with the best RV ventilation and heating systems installed. The best.

It has plenty of space with enough head room for me to stand comfortably without touching the roof.

Interior and exterior modifications will be made throughout 2020.

Windows are tinted with the back ones having maximum tints and thermal curtains.

2020 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Mobile Massage Van
mobile sensual massage van in auckland new zealand


I massage using a Swedish style that wont disappoint. I can very easily apply firm levels of pressure and with excellent technique.

Sensual Relaxation Massage

Unlike normal Westernized massage there are far less restrictions with sensual massage. 

Without the need for draping (covering with towels) i’m able to move between body parts without the stop and go. There are no restrictions and I may work the more intimate inner thigh and butt muscle groups with ease. 

Therefore a 45 minute sensual relaxation massage has the same hands on time as a ‘normal’ 60 minute massage from your local therapist. Imagine a massage where the therapist can run his hands from your shoulders all the way down over your butt and to your ankles without stopping. 

I put a lot of effort into each and every massage and like to make sure all clients leave satisfied with their experience.

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Massage Demonstrations

I post the PG versions of my massage demos on YouTube.com/nzDan and Instagram.com/xMassage.co

R18 content on OnlyFans.


Premium Add Ons

Spoil yourself and come prepared with extra cash for my premium add ons.

My full nude add on is $99 extra (only $40 extra for repeat clients).

Terms and Conditions

This is a professional massage from a trained practitioner. 

You may touch my body including the buttocks. Do not feel shy, you are paying for it.

You MUST be clean and showered before arriving. I will be too.

Inappropriate behaviour will have you kicked out without a refund. But don’t worry – I don’t have many rules!

Please let me know if you have any injuries or health conditions so that extra care can be taken.

I can not massage anyone that is or has recently been sick. 

Reviews and Testimonials

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Sensual Massage Testimonial - Graeme

I have 100% positive feedback on Google!

Read my Testimonials in full.


Pictures taken between December, 2019 and March, 2020

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Contact / Bookings


DO NOT contact me for a long chat. Booking only.

My website is clear and informative – there is nothing left to ‘chat about’.

Keep your message brief and professional, minimal conversing.

My rules are strict to deter window shoppers and time wasters that frequently contact me. 

Thank you for understanding.

Please include the 3 details in your booking message

– your name

– the city you are booking me for

– date and time

I do often accept same day bookings but notice is appreciated. If you cancel without sufficient notice you will not get another opportunity.

Please contact me via WhatsApp for the fastest response, otherwise email.  New Zealand numbers may text me normally.


WhatsApp: (+64) 022 3422 594 (don’t forget to enter the +64 NZ country code).


No blocked numbers! 

Discretion and confidentiality is guaranteed.

By booking a massage you are agreeing to my terms and conditions.