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Want to create your own page and make real money long term?

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I run New Zealand’s biggest PornHub channel and drive a significant amount of traffic to my website. receives up to 500 new visitors per day!

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If you’re a female and interested in learning I can help with your page setup and will assist you with promotion on my website.

Ladies only. My contact details are at the bottom of this page.

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New Zealand Porn Cash Money
new zealand #1 selling porn producer

Figures in United States Dollars.

I reached over $28,000 USD in December. 

No male in New Zealand has ever done this before.

Website Unique Session Views generates up to 500 new visitors per day.

Why start an online business?

I started producing and selling content at the age of 30.

Now 33 my business continues to grow with no sign of slowing down.

Why is selling content the perfect business?

Because unlike tangible products (that need to be imported, packaged and shipped) intangible products like digital content can be sold again, and again and again.

No shipping, no dealing with returns, no storage rooms or warehouses, no staff necessary.

starting an online porn business

Just a gaming laptop that can process video edits, a modern smartphone and some accessories like a tripod, ring light or lume cube etc. etc.

Pandemics like Covid can and will interrupt a normal business but not an online one selling content.

Once a video is produced and distributed it continues to generate sales and brand awareness.

There have been months where I have traveled overseas without doing any computer work… yet I was still generating $3000 per week in sales online!


Everyday I get envious messages from guys trying to be included in my business.

Why would I want you?

You are all too scared to even show your face.

You have few, if any skills.

You can not even put together a presentable Instagram profile…

Invest in me first by subscribing then you will get the chance to discuss opportunities.

When you show loyalty and commitment in supporting my business then I will consider helping you.

Why should I share my trade secrets with you for nothing?

Males will need to be a paid telegram supporter to receive my assistance. You will immediately begin to learn even by simply observing my paid channels.

In the end – creating an adult entertainment business as a male is much more difficult and requires a different approach.

There are thousands of female creators in New Zealand yet only one successful male porn producer – that is me.

No other male in New Zealand has successfully launched a porn business.

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Contact me
Telegram – @xrawco

When making contact I will need to see clear, unfiltered pictures of who I am speaking with.

Minimum of 6 images or/and your social media accounts usernames.

Potential female creators only. Males will need to be telegram paid supporters to even be considered.