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Release Date: February, 2024

All programs will be sold as lifetime access. 

You can buy early without worrying about your time running out.

I will be developing the programs throughout 2024 and updating it every year.

Want to Become an Adult Content Creator?

Are you interested in selling adult content to generate passive income?

Are you looking for a side hustle that allows you to work from home or while travelling with just your laptop and phone?

I can help you.

My Story

I am known as nzDan – New Zealands #1 selling male adult content producer of all time.

In 2019 I started playing around with Pornhub and OnlyFans while studying massage diploma.

At the start of Covid lock down in March, 2020 I focused my attention on creating a adult content business.

I edited home made videos, shared it online and converted viewers into buyers.

In 2021 I had made 180,000 USD in a single year, working on average 2 hours per day.

In 2022 to mid 2023 my earnings halved when a platform I used shut down and had to re-build on a new platform.

October, 2023 to present I now make $20,000 USD per month through video and subscription sales.

Nothing I did was a fluke nor natural talent.

I created my adult business at the age of 31 and as a short man – only 5’5

I used a diverse set of skills and found a blue print for creating a successful amateur adult business.

I consistently observed and tweaked my business. Finding what works and what doesn’t.

Nobody knew who I was to begin with.

I did not have a lot of money and I was not 6 foot. I am short. No fame to leverage and 0 connections.

I have posted proof of work and earnings on my instagram in the ‘Milestones’ highlights.


Prior to my adult content I ran a massage business for a year that made me easy cash. 

This web page is still hosted on my original massage website. And prior to that I was in the fitness industry. 

But since starting adult content I have never looked back at returning to any of my previous jobs nor trying to find a new line of work. 

Because there simply isn’t anything better than a content creation business. Once it is built its practically free money.

I have been to places and met girls I otherwise would have never had I not had this business.

Who is R18Creator for?

Anyone looking to create an online business will benefit from my program. Male or female.

The skills I teach are transferable. The principles can be applied to any online business.

Whether you are selling clothes, fitness or adult videos… what is important is the marketing techniques, how you set your pages up and drive sales.

An adult entertainer may use pornhub and a fitness influencer may use youtube for example but at the end of the day they are both using tube sites to generate traffic. This is just one example of how the concept is exactly the same.

Online Business vs Normal Job

You can spend over $20,000 on a university degree and several years studying all to get a job as an EMPLOYEE.

After graduating you work for 3 to 5 years making about $50,000 USD and eventually work towards $120,000 (or less) after 10 years.

THEN you are taxed at the maximum rate and can not claim a single expense because you are an EMPLOYEE.

All while taking orders from a boss, driving back and fourth to work and working your entire adult life.

With content creation you have an online business selling intangible products meaning you are not dealing with shipping, storage or returns.

A video can be sold an unlimited number of times. Subscribers can consume content and buy from you while you sleep.

How I will save you money

You can spend $10,000 on learning to do it right or you can try go at it alone thinking you’re saving money.

I personally ran into many avoidable problems along the way that cost me tens of thousands of dollars.

You could have a costly legal dispute, waste time editing incorrectly, looking for girls in the wrong places and reduced earning potential due to not setting up your platforms correctly.

Also the frustration from platforms that will not allow you to monetize content because your documentation were not done correctly.

I’ll make sure you get everything right the first time.

You have to create a system that works.

Even if you knew where to recruit the ladies you will still be spending money on dates, travel / flights, uber, hotels / airbnb, drinks and more.

On top of paying the ladies for consent to sell.

Being around young ladies will always be expensive – they do not pay for anything.

You need a business that claims on those expenses so you pay less tax and then monetize your interactions with women.

Your platforms need to be setup correctly so that you can get the best return on your investment or you will not be in this business for very long.

Common Myths

Myth: You must be young to run an adult business.

Wrong! there is a demand for all age groups. When marketed correctly MILF content sells very well.

Myth: You must show your face.

You can easily create a successful business without revealing your full face. The reason most no-face creators fail is because they often create low quality content and are so worried about being exposed that they don’t show much at all.

Through my programs you will learn how to video edit to blur correctly and avoid facial recognition software.

There are many ways to build a connection with followers and make them believe you are genuine without revealing your full face and identity.

Myth: You must post every day and multiple times per week!

Wrong! I have gone half a year without posting a single video and I still made money daily. Once I edit a video it is placed online and sold hundreds of times. When you have 50 or 100 videos people will talk about you while you are relaxing on holiday and still buying content.

But your pages must be setup correctly.

R18Creator Essentials Program

Price: $4000 for lifetime access.

– Telegram channel hosting course content
– Live group chat: I will be available to answer your questions
– I will review all of your pages and make suggestions quickly

Chapter 1
– deciding on your content style
– creating your name and branding

I will give you ideas and make suggestions after getting to know you. 

It is important to first decide who you are and what you want to do before moving forward.

Chapter 2
– buying web hosting and website names
– setting up a website and alternatives

Chapter 2
– setting up your social media and adult channels

I have profiles setup that my followers do not know about – extremely important for communicating with new girls.

I will help you with your profile setups and how to use it to source potential.

Chapter 3
– getting consent forms ready
– video editing software and essential editing skills for adult content

Chapter 4
– basic gear for photography and video
– how to get free photography models for your portfolio and practice

Chapter 5
– setting up your subscription platforms correctly
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Chapter 6
– how to use your new portfolio to hire girls for adult content (trade secrets)

Chapter 7
– more trade secrets and general info

Taxes and Accounting Tricks
– EVERY dollar spent on women is legally a business expense and you will get a return on investment via their content.
– After buying this program you will begin saving money immediately by knowing which expenses you can and can not claim on.
– I will explain how you keep records to improve your accounting.

R18Creator Elite Program

Price: coming soon

– Includes everything in the essentials program and;
Priority support in a new live group chat
I will share your links on all my social media and pay sites at least once
– I will feature you on my podcast once your pages are setup
– Bonus content chapters

Bonus Chapter: Device Security
– how I encrypt my computer
– how to use software to encrypt highly sensitive information in file containers
– how I encrypt my external SSDs
– how I secure my phone on Android
– how to encrypt your internet web browsers so even if your computer is unlocked it can’t be found.

I’ve personally been raided by a police squad – early 2021. I know what it is like.

You need to understand that any girl can make a false accusation against you and the police are obligated to raid and carry out an investigation. 

Even if you have done nothing wrong – the police are legally allowed to take all your devices and make copies. 

Some would say well I have nothing to hide.. but that’s a bullshit excuse for not taking security very seriously. 

In 2024 your entire life is cached on your devices. Your emails, text messages, social media, GPS locations, searches… everything. Thumbnails of deleted pictures. The police have IT professionals that know how to extract this information. They know what to look for.

Eventually they will find something they do not like and will use it against you. 

What if you are investigated while traveling overseas in a country with extreme laws? Well… then you’re fucked for real. 

I will never move between borders without maximum security on my devices. 

There is just too much risk when you’re a male creating adult content – everyone views you as a predator. Everyone wants to bring you down.

I can tell you now… many men drop 50k and even 100k on legal fees to fight accusations. Ask any criminal lawyer.

Add Ons: Brand Promo

This is simply an add on for once your business is setup.

I will promote your business by
– Creating an advert on all of my social media channels with one post per month for a year
– Advertising space on my website front page for a year

Everyone that discovers me, will discover you.


If you are interested in my mentorship programs please contact me personally via telegram first.