cardano ada cryptocurrency

My Receive Address

Download My Payment Address PDF

Payment Instructions

I am now accepting Cardano ADA (a cryptocurrency coin) for content / subscription.

I will accept other coins at a later date.

Please message me on AVN Stars with what you would like to buy and I will confirm the cost in ADA.

Following payment please confirm the amount paid by messaging me with the transaction date and time 🙂 easy

You may also email me 

Discount Deals

10% off for 1 month access.

20% off for 6 months access.

The cost of one month is $20, that means you pay $18 worth of ADA for a month or $16 per month if purchasing 6 months.

I may offer greater discounts for repeat business from customers using cryptocurrency.

Starting Crypto

Unlike bank transfers, sending and receiving ADA takes seconds… or minutes at the most.

Using ADA will SAVE you money.

We can avoid the expensive fees associated with using video hosting platforms and bank transactions.

I will therefore be able to reduce my prices and save you money.

If you’re on a tight budget then you should definitely be paying me with ADA instead of ‘real money’.

It is safe, fast and discreet.

If you have a shared bank account you can tell your wife you’re investing in crypto but really you are just using it to buy porn LOL

Crypto Wallets (to store and send ADA) (desktop wallet for ADA only)

Trusted NZ Crypto Exchange (to buy ADA)